The Elliot Everett Wright Tsundoku Fund

 We lost Elliot Everett Wright, our brilliant 26-year-old first-born son, on August 5, 2018, in a sudden and tragic single-vehicle motorcycle accident in Dallas, Texas.

An extraordinary human, Elliot had more interests and passions than are possible to name. As an inveterate Japanophile, he was coyly amused by the concept of tsundoku, referring to the practice of collecting books — so many in fact, that they “surround you in piles in your home.” The concept of tsundoku embodies Elliot’s insatiable thirst for knowledge, discovery and mastery, along with his wry, engaging wit. His Uncle Doug said it best, “Elliot was a perspicacious boy — and the closest thing I knew to a human encyclopedia.”

Though Elliot’s time on earth was cut achingly short and he is profoundly missed, his infinite spark will never be extinguished. In this spirit, we have created a special fund in his memory to support charitable opportunities that honor his “one wild and precious life.” Areas of focus include education (particularly music, Asian studies, world literature, poetry, ancient marine life, and internet technology); literacy; travel; origami; Legos; and mechanical/operational training for automobiles, motorcycles, and airplanes. 


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