Since 2019, G.J. Chavez and Associates, P.C. and Communities Foundation of Texas (CFT), a community foundation in Texas, have partnered together to provide grants to other charitable organizations at the recommendation of GJC. CFT manages the donated funds given by GJC, and GJC reviews the mission, values, and needs of local nonprofit organizations when determining which nonprofit should receive the funds. As a way to give back to the community, GJC seeks local charities that are impacting the community in a meaningful way.

Although CFT manages the donated gifts, our office as a team decides through a nomination and voting process who would receive a charitable grant. Once the charity is selected and if they qualify, G.J. Chavez and Associates, P.C. advises and recommends CFT to issue a charitable grant to the selected charity. G.J. Chavez and Associates P.C. attempts to donate on a yearly basis to our donor-advised fund. As long as there is money in the fund, employees from G.J. Chavez and Associates, P.C. can nominate a charity quarterly and vote for the best local charity in Dallas/Ft Worth.

To date, we have provided grants to:

  • F.A.R.M.
  • Harmony CDC
  • Christian Health Services Corp
  • West Baptist Church



Boski Sharma, CAP™

Donor Relations Officer