Beverly McCBeverly  McCombsombs was born in Dallas and attended the University of Texas at Austin.  She had three children and worked her way up the ranks and became one of the first women vice presidents at the largest bank in Dallas. After retirement, she traveled the world and volunteered her time. Beverly loved helping people and making a difference. Toward the end of her life, Beverly battled Alzheimer's with courage and grace. 

The Beverly McCombs Charitable Fund's mission is to determine if ballroom dancing protects against the risk of Alzheimer’s and other familiar aspects of aging, like adult falls and depression. It is anticipated that the results of the study will be published in a high profile journal and will influence national public health policy and exercise recommendations. This is very important, since prevention programs are receiving more attention and financial backing in the field because of growing recommendations in recent years that disease-related changes in the brain begin decades before memory problems become obvious, and therefore, drug therapy may not be able to address.

Our research project is DanCE, which stands for Dance for Cognitive Enhancement. Please donate now to help us offer preventive programs to reduce Alzheimer's crippling affects.

Please go here if you would like more information about the DanCE study.


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