PAF belongs to the people of the Palacios area. It is not a government created or supported entity. It is community-created, community-supported, and community-operated.

The purpose and mission of the Palacios Area Fund is to “help enhance the quality of life in the Palacios area.” There are many nonprofit organizations seeking your dollar. As you open your wallet, it is important to feel confident about how and where your money is being used.  Palacios Area Fund provides the opportunity for donors to invest in both the present and future needs of our community. Since 1981, PAF has awarded more than 1.9 million dollars to charitable efforts in Palacios and the surrounding area. Awards to the city through support for our Volunteer Fire Dept, Palacios Recreation Center, Friends of Elder Citizens, Palacios Medical Foundation, Palacios Chamber of Commerce/PEDC, and the Palacios Educational Pavilion have assisted in improvements for these entities. Many non-profits that benefit our youth such as the Boys and Girls Club, Palacios Aquatics Club, Palacios Community HUB, Palacios Little League, Team First Book, Palacios Youth Supporters, Operation Santa Claus, and Palacios ISD all have been benefactors of your gifts as well as various non-profit organizations like the Palacios Area Historical Association, Palacios Lion’s Club, Palacios Rotary Club, Palacios Pet Pals, Friends of the Palacios Library, and the Texas Baptist Encampment.

When you give your hard-earned money, you want to know your contribution will reach those in need. Palacios Area Fund has a rich history as a community foundation and is proud of the many accomplishments over the past 40 years. Palacios Area Fund is simply, Neighbor Helping Neighbor to get things done.  



Sally Kurtz

Palacios Area Fund Coordinator





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