Terry AndersonTerry Lee McKinney, Jr., a one of a kind. I know we all can agree on that; a gift from God above. A contagious spirit, an infectious smile, an overwhelmingly giving and compassionate heart. A laugh like no other. If you came in touch with Terry, your life was touched by him for the better. He left a mark on each of us that will never be forgotten. This page is a tribute to carry on his giving spirit, by giving back to other people that suffered a stroke as he did. His desire was to return and be a motivational speaker for those who are going through the same rehabilitation program he attended; to be a success story for those facing the same challenges he overcame after suffering a stroke. I ask that with your pledge, you visualize his smile, you hear his laughter and know the joy that he provided to everyone he encountered in his life.

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Jenna-Wade Fowler

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